Become a Client

You will need to be assessed to identify if you are eligible to use Bathurst Community Transport. The assessment usually takes about 20 to 30 minutes over the phone. However if you are 65 years and over, or Aboriginal and 50 years and over, we will ask you to call ‘My Aged Care’ on 1800 200 422 to be assessed.  ‘My Aged Care’ will then provide your information to our service for us to contact you.  If you require assistance contacting ‘My Aged Care’ we are able to assist you.

If you are not in the age bracket required to contact ‘My Aged Care’ you can simply call us yourself on 6331 3322 or be referred by a family member, friend, GP or other health specialist, other community organisation etc.

Questions you will be asked in the assessment are such things as Name, Address, Contact Numbers, Local Doctor, Medical Condition, Disabilities, Transport Needs, Level of Assistance required, Emergency Contact numbers, and Pension Card number. Often the assessment can be done as soon as you call but if the Coordinator is not available a call back time will be offered to you, usually within 24 hours.

If you are receiving a ‘Package’ of any type you will need to let us know who your Package provider is and what the transport component of the ‘Package’ is.

Once you have been identified as eligible to use our service, an Information Booklet, Feedback Form, Fridge Magnet, CabCharge card (if eligible) and a welcoming letter will be sent to you in the post.

You may use the service as often as you need or wish within the resources of our organisation.

Advocacy – Someone to Talk on your Behalf

If you would like to have a friend, relative, neighbour or another service talk on your behalf, this is called choosing an advocate. It is important to choose someone you trust to talk to the service about what you want. Do not forget your advocate is there to represent you and your wishes, not to go against your wishes.

You must advise the service if you choose to use an advocate and who they are, also if you wish to change your advocate or not have one at all. If you want information about local advocacy services please contact us for contact numbers.

Charter of Rights and Responsibilities

Download the Charter of Rights and Responsibilities

Legal Advice and Advocacy

The Older Persons’ Legal Service provides legal advice and referral to older people in NSW. The Older Persons’ Legal Advice may also provide limited legal assistance for financially and socially disadvantaged older people in NSW.
Phone: 1800 424 076 or visit the Website:
Australian Centre for Disability Law: Phone 02 8014 7000
General e-mail:
Legal advice:
Information and Advocacy for 64 years and under: Intellectual Disability Rights Service: Phone: TollFree 1800 66 66 11
National Abuse and Neglect: Phone: TollFree 1800 880 052