Community Transport aims to assist you to get out and about.

Destinations include, but are not limited to:

  • Doctors’ appointments
  • Specialist appointments
  • Hospital visits
  • Medical treatment
  • Podiatry
  • Pathology
  • Physiotherapy
  • Shopping
  • A visit to the cemetery
  • Group social outings
  • Individual social outings

Community Transport provides both group and individual transport to the above.

If you need to go to a destination and you are not sure if we do that kind of transport please ring and talk to our friendly team. If we are unable to assist you we may know of another service that may be able to assist you.

Out of Area Transport

Bathurst Community Transport has vehicles which transport clients to the Sydney metropolitan area and to other destinations, such as Orange, Lithgow, and Katoomba, for various needs including, but not limited to, medical appointments.

Please note when making appointments for out-of-town transport, that our vehicles are unable to leave the town outskirts prior to 7am and must be back within the town limits by 6pm.

If you require out-of-town transport for a medical appointment please contact our office as soon as you have made your appointment.

Weekend Transport

Special social trips will be offered during the year on either a Saturday or Sunday, for example to fetes, fairs and community events such as expos. All will be advertised in our quarterly newsletter.


Community Transport provides door-to-door service for your shopping needs.

If you require a regular weekly or fortnightly day for shopping we are able to make a permanent booking for you. If a permanent booking does not suit your needs you simply need to ring and book a pick-up time for you to go to town and a return time for your trip home.

When you have finished your shopping you are able to ring our office and arrange transport for your return trip and if we have the capacity we can take you home.  There is, however, a limit of six shopping bags per household.

Social Outings

Do you have difficulty getting out and about, visiting friends or just going to the hairdressers?

We provide both individual and group social outings. The group social outings are listed in the Newsletter sent out by post to Clients every three months.

Please ring our office and talk to us about your social needs.

Medical Appointments

When booking transport for an appointment please specify the appointment time and the time you would like to be collected. If we are unable to organise a return booking for a medical appointment, simply ask the medical receptionist to call our office and we will organise a vehicle to collect you if we are able to. If our vehicles are fully booked at that time, you may need to ask the medical receptionist to order a taxi for your return.

Hill End and Sofala services

Bathurst Community Transport provides a fortnightly service to both Hill End and Sofala which enables people living in rural and remote areas to access the Bathurst community.

The Hill End Service leaves from the Hill End Shop at 9am every second Thursday (Pension Week), and the Sofala Service leaves the Sofala Hotel at 9am every second Friday (Pension Week).

Both these services will collect people along the way. However, if you need collection along the side of the road, you will need to call the office the day before so we can notify our Volunteer Driver so he/she is prepared to stop for you.