‘Volunteers are not paid, not because they are worthless; they are not paid because they are priceless’.

The birth place of Community Transport in NSW was in Bathurst in 1978, thanks to a group of community-minded people working together. This group of individuals recognised the need for people to connect with their communities, thus volunteering was at the heart of Bathurst Community Transport (BCT) since its conception 38 years ago.

Our Volunteers drive around 180,000 kilometres per year, both in town and out of town, providing groups or individuals who have frailties, disabilities or are transport disadvantaged the support to be able to do the things they need to do, would like to do, or dream to do.

We are also fortunate enough to have a Board of Management and administration volunteers who provide BCT with much needed support. This type of support is vital as our service continues to grow in meeting the needs of our community.

Volunteer Driver

To become a Volunteer Driver we have a process which we must follow to ensure both the Volunteer and their passengers are safe and comfortable.

The initial step in this process is booking an interview with the Manager. The Manager will talk to you about what we do, how we do it, who we do it for, and legislation and contractible obligations we, as an organisation, must meet.

During this interview, the Manager will provide you with a folder of information which we will need to work through with you. However, there are things you must do before being accepted as a Volunteer Driver, such as agreeing to a Working with Children and Police Check, a Medical Assessment, obtain a Current First Aid certificate, a Driving Assessment, and on the job training. You will not be out of pocket for any of this as our organisation will pay agreed fees to meet these requirements.

Once you are a Volunteer Driver you will be expected to attend training and team meetings. Team meetings are held four times a year, and more often than not a team training is incorporated within the meeting. Attending training and meetings is very important as they provide you with updated skills and information to ensure you are best equipped to fulfil your duties, plus you get to meet the other members of our community who are generous enough to give their time to our organisation.

Volunteer Administration Person

Contact the Manager and enquire about the needs the organisation has to match with your skills.

Volunteer Board Member

For further details please download the Bathurst Community Transport Group Inc. Constitution or call our office 6331 3322